Mare d’Amare: The Link Fashion Show in Florence

As part of The Link Award 2015, Florence and I had the chance to present another collection on the catwalk in Florence, Italy, as part of the tradeshow Mare d’Amare ( The event was set in the heart of Florence in the castle “Fortezza da Basso”.


Florence, winner of last year’s category swimwear, presented her new swimwear range “SIREN: VENUS”. It is inspired by the reimagination of Bottocellis classic painting ‘The Birth of Venus’. The collection aims to explore what is ‘the divine feminine’ whilst considering new ways of concealing and exposing the female form. Ultimately, the garment becomes an extension of the wearer’s inner qualities as well as excentuating her physical female form. SIREN utilises top quality swimwear fabrics, aiming to express the multi-faceted elements of women: limitless strength, beauty and wisdom; expressing this through a combination of both athletic and ornate materials.

collage florence

For my part, I have created an opulent lingerie range “COLLECTION REDÉCOUVERTE” combining Italian heritage and French savoir-faire. The collection is about deconstructing, reconstructing and reviving femininity. Its initial design concept is rooted in historic French corsetry and evolves into a collection of contemporary structured intimate apparel marked by opulent elegance. Every piece features a handmade embroidery design inspired by the intricate Beaux-Arts architecture of the entrance gate to the Petit Palais in Paris creating the allusion of deconstructing and revealing what’s hidden underneath whilst giving it an Haute Couture touch.

collage celine

The show has been an absolute highlight for both of us and it has been an amazing opportunity to professionally showcase our work to other creatives and all industry professionals present at the event. We want to thank the organizers Franco Taiana and Raffaela de Rosa for giving us this incredible chance and also the entire team that helped to create this flawless catwalk show.

Grazie Mille!

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