Year 2 – Industry Project briefing – H&M

Last week, two visitors from H&M came in to brief the second years for their industry project… on maternity swimwear.

The challenge is to develop and cut a functional swimwear product to support an expecting mother during her during early pregnancy, and which could also be worn during the first months of motherhood. This is for a customer who likes to feel up-to-date with current fashion, but who also needs her swimwear to be comfortable, supportive and functional.

First of all, Lisa Skoglund-Kangasniemi from the Branding & Recruitment team at H&M head office in Stockholm gave the group an overview of the project brief and also explained how lingerie and swimwear fits into the structure of H&M.

Then her colleague Felicity Smith, a pattern maker who works on ladies swimwear, gave an overview of H&M from a pattern cutter’s perspective. This was a good introduction to how the design team works and gave the group an insight into industry practice.

After answering questions on the project brief so that everyone had the information they need to get started with their research, Lisa finished the briefing with a look at what H&M can offer if you are interested in moving to Sweden to work for them after graduation.

Thanks very much to Lisa Skoglund-Kangasniemi and Felicity Smith for taking the time to come in and introduce the project. We look forward to welcoming H&M back later in the project to show work in progress and then the finished designs. Good luck everyone!

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